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Calligraphy Classes
Learn the artistic and beautiful writing style of Calligraphy at the best calligraphy classes near you!
We are one of the best colleges and are committed to excellence in knowledge and education.
Consultants & Counselling Services
Our company has a set of expert consultants and provide excellent counselling service on various fields.
Home Tutors
We provide well experienced, highly qualified and result oriented home tutors to teach the students.
Learn and practice your passion with specially trained staff and reasonable rates.
Language Classes
Love learning different languages? We offer best language classes for easy and fast learning!
Merge Education
We offer great Merge Education service for Students willing to explore new Career options and achieve goals.
Personality Development
We own personality development classes for individuals of all age groups for them to polish their personality.
We provide complete step-to-step guidance to walk you through, to accomplish different tasks.
We are a leading university with highly trained staff and a positive learning environment.
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We, Lakshya Academy, situated at Panjim, Goa, are committed to take education to every single door, making it a superb blend of knowledge and job specific. Our mission is to create ethical and intellectual personnel through qualitative education. We are one of the most experienced institutions when it comes to education and training. We are reputed for our excellent results. A well-qualified, dedicated and experienced faculty is available beside a motivating environment. Our team of talented professors have prepared the study material in a lucid, concise and easy way to understand. These study materials act as a catalyst in their preparation. Detailed information about each of our courses is given alongside. Please feel free to contact us for any queries regarding the above course.
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